The 5-Step Blueprint My Clients Use to Create the Romantic and Intimate Relationship of their Dreams or Save A Crisis Relationship or Marriage
(even if they feel jaded, despairing and frustrated, and are stuck in empty, lifeless, unfulfilling relationships)
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The Intimacy Blueprint
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  • The step-by-step process my clients use to create a fulfilling, passionate romantic relationship or rescue a dying relationship or marriage (even if they were talking about divorce).
  • ​Why hiding the "authentic you" is NOT a good strategy for deep intimacy … and how any woman can move into an authentic, deeply connected, joyful relationship starting today.
  • ​The secret to radical self-love … and the secret my clients use to create a profound emotional connection with their romantic partner (even if the relationship had been defined by constant criticism and dreadful arguments).
  • ​How anyone can get their partner to truly see and hear them while immersing into heart-centered intimacy … and the "embracing-the-sacred-space" secret that makes it happen effortlessly.
  • ​How to create significant, accelerated change now, so you don’t waste precious years hoping, waiting or enduring difficult relationships.
SUCCESS STORY: Sage always believed "what is meant to be will fall into my lap". After numerous unsatisfying and failed relationships, she attended The Intimacy Blueprint. At 35 years old, she felt desperate, so she was willing to adopt a new attitude and apply new strategies. Three months later she found the man of her dreams, and "he put a ring on it and sealed the deal". She is ecstatic!
SUCCESS STORY: Gayle was confused by the jealousy and fear that seeped into every romantic relationship. She believed that she kept choosing the wrong partners. "I'm a magnet for drama!" The Intimacy Blueprint gave her potent strategies and tools to identify and discard her baggage. Today, she is happily married and still has to "pinch myself that life can be this effortless and blissful".
SUCCESS STORY: Fiona was chained to harmful myths and old, traditional relationship strategies. After completing The Intimacy Blueprint, she said: "The teachings saved me years of floundering in the dark. Now the light is switched on!" She applied the Foundation Principles, ended her existing romantic relationship, and now has "an effortless, incredibly fulfilling romantic relationship".
SUCCESS STORY: Katy always worked really hard at her relationships. It felt like a struggle and a burden, because she was using old-fashioned traditional strategies shared by her parents and girlfriends. After surrendering and immersing into The Intimacy Blueprint, Katy is now in "my effortless, joyful forever relationship."
Waste precious years of your life, waiting for a miracle romantic relationship to fall from the sky.
Sit in despair, frustration and exhaustion and wonder if you will ever find true love and deep intimacy.
Stay stuck in empty, lifeless relationships while your internal clock is ticking away.
Keep making the same mistakes because of outdated relationship knowledge and harmful strategies.
Race toward the inevitable pain of loss, separation or divorce.
Move into stress-free, drama-free romantic relationships.
Experience easy, useful conversations with your partner.
Shift into deep authenticity and radical intimacy.
Be seen, heard, supported and truly loved.
Create your "forever relationship".
Grow together and build an awesome future.
IMPORTANT FACT: 90% of happiness, fulfillment and peace comes from a deep, authentic, loving romantic relationship. Many people are burnt out, jaded and frustrated because of failed relationships. They have "lost the faith" about attaining true love and intimacy. All failure results from old-fashioned knowledge, harmful myths, poor advice and outdated strategies. The Intimacy Blueprint shares modern knowledge and revolutionary secrets, strategies and shortcuts. These tried-and-tested strategies have been used by hundreds of women with satisfying success. Imagine creating a profound, authentic, joyful, fulfilling intimate relationship!
Stephen Shaw
  • Stephen Shaw, BA Honours Psychology
  • ​Author of 12 bestselling self-help books
  • ​Life Coach for CEO’s and celebrities
  • ​Intimacy Coach and Tantra Master
  • ​Transformed hundreds of relationships
  • ​As seen on TV, podcasts, magazines and digital media

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